Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator reports directly to the Managing Director, and is primarily responsible for the general coordination of all projects with our creative personnel, while ensuring that the expectations of our clients are professionally managed, at all times.

Core Responsibilities:

1) Timely Preparation of Proposals & Presentations.

2) Assisting with presentations/pitches, and following up with prospects/leads.

3) Preparation of Project Plans, and where necessary, Scope of Work documents for new projects.

4) Ongoing Project Supervision
Ensuring that all project details and change requests are documented prior to project/task commencement, throughout the lifespan of the project, while professionally and consistently managing the expectations of our clients.

5) Office Supervision
Administrative and creative team members must be properly supervised at all times. Systems should be formulated, and wherever possible, implemented to improve general workflow and efficiency.

6) Quality Control
Review of graphic design work, website development projects, prior to client review. Similarly, reviewing client requests prior to passing same to our creative team.

7) Basic website content updates (via content management systems such as WordPress).

8) Providing ongoing support to website/email hosting customers, as well as managing timely and accurate domain name registrations/renewals.

9) Performing any other duties as may be assigned.

Other Considerations:

This position is integral to the efficient day-to-day operations of the company. It is essential to ensuring that the quality and timeliness of the creative work produced by Chrysalis Communications is maintained, and that the expectations of our clients are consistently exceeded.

Given the nature of our business, our availability to our clients is essential. Although rare, urgent matters can arise outside of typical work hours, at which time our customers must be assisted.

To apply:

Please submit your CV along with at least 2 references, in confidence to: [email protected]

We thank you for your interest in joining our team!


Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ)

CPJ has been with Chrysalis Communications for the past two years and we couldn’t be happier.

This company created a “first world” on-line Market ( for us and we were so pleased with their work, we asked them to re-design our corporate site.

The time, energy, creativity and passion all the staff at Chrysalis have is amazing. All recommendations about platforms, domain set ups and hosting were spot on.

No matter when we emailed or called, all questions were answered in a timely manner.

It was a job WELL DONE!


P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


A partnership is how we describe our relationship with Chrysalis Communications. This partnership has spanned several years and we can attest to the quality, creativity and reliability of the services offered.

The success of this company is based on the team of professionals, lead by Chris Mills, who are always willing to walk that ‘extra mile’. Their client contact is excellent.

Chrysalis Communications is the right choice for a variety of creative marketing services.



British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited (BCIC) has been engaging the services of Chrysalis Communications over the past five years.

Indeed, when we require creative, innovative, reliable service, we think Chrysalis. As a company that is quality focused, we appreciate their attention to detail, the attractiveness of their presentations, and their adherence to delivery deadlines. In addition, they keep us informed of the progress of our projects so we are never kept guessing.

Their staff members understand service concepts and this facilitates our business transactions with the company.

If one is seeking a company for general graphics, creative services, marketing solutions, BCIC would recommend Chrysalis Communications.


The University of the West Indies


Quite often, when there is work to be done, one has to make a choice from among numerous persons offering their services.

We have used Chris Mills and his firm Chrysalis Communications for a number of projects and as a result of this working relationship, we now hold Chris Mills in very high regard and turn to him for solutions. He listens patiently to our ideas, warns us of potential pitfalls, makes suggestions for refining our ideas and adds his creativity and professionalism to deliver a final product of which we can be proud.

Any competitor would have to offer so much more to be able to take us away from Chrysalis Communications.


I needed a new look and database-driven backend for my search portal,, with a one month deadline for implementation and launch. Chrysalis was tasked with this job, and they delivered impressively.


Jamaica Rhino Safaris

logo-rhino-safaris We set up Jamaica Rhino Safaris after years of running communication businesses in London. You can bet, when it came to picking an agency here [in Jamaica] our criteria were pretty tough. Chrysalis more than filled our bill. They’re good listeners. They are responsive. They are more than just bright ideas. They give thought and attention to detail. They gave us a logo character who’s positively loveable. Sheer professionalism. This has to be the first time a Rhino was successfully born out of a Chrysalis.


Promo Biz Ltd.

Promo Biz Ltd has been Chrysalis Communications client since its inception. All aspects of Chrysalis Communications business are spot on – from registering domains and setting up hosting and e-mail accounts through to the creation of our website. We are pleased to say that since working with Chrysalis Communications we have never had a single problem or cause to complain, and the launch of our website is the icing on the cake!

The level of after-sales support offered by Chrysalis Communications is paramount and we have found the technical support team to be the best we have ever dealt with. There has never been anything that they have not resolved immediately and they are quick to respond, knowledgeable and professional. It is indeed a pleasure to recommend Chrysalis Communications.


Morgans Group of Companies

We have contracted Chrysalis on a few minor and major projects and have found them to be quite efficient, professional and effective in their service delivery.