Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator reports directly to the Managing Director, and is primarily responsible for the general coordination of all projects with our creative personnel, while ensuring that the expectations of our clients are professionally managed, at all times.

Core Responsibilities:

1) Timely Preparation of Proposals & Presentations.

2) Assisting with presentations/pitches, and following up with prospects/leads.

3) Preparation of Project Plans, and where necessary, Scope of Work documents for new projects.

4) Ongoing Project Supervision
Ensuring that all project details and change requests are documented prior to project/task commencement, throughout the lifespan of the project, while professionally and consistently managing the expectations of our clients.

5) Office Supervision
Administrative and creative team members must be properly supervised at all times. Systems should be formulated, and wherever possible, implemented to improve general workflow and efficiency.

6) Quality Control
Review of graphic design work, website development projects, prior to client review. Similarly, reviewing client requests prior to passing same to our creative team.

7) Basic website content updates (via content management systems such as WordPress).

8) Providing ongoing support to website/email hosting customers, as well as managing timely and accurate domain name registrations/renewals.

9) Performing any other duties as may be assigned.

Other Considerations:

This position is integral to the efficient day-to-day operations of the company. It is essential to ensuring that the quality and timeliness of the creative work produced by Chrysalis Communications is maintained, and that the expectations of our clients are consistently exceeded.

Given the nature of our business, our availability to our clients is essential. Although rare, urgent matters can arise outside of typical work hours, at which time our customers must be assisted.

To apply:

Please submit your CV along with at least 2 references, in confidence to: [email protected]

We thank you for your interest in joining our team!