How to Leverage Social Media for your E-Commerce Business

How to Leverage e-Commerce with Social Media - 615x230 What can social media do for your e-commerce business? It’s one thing to have an online store, it’s a whole other thing to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat to drive customers to your store AND convert their interest into revenue.

Social Media drives traffic to your website

You can talk about your product or service on your social networks and direct them to your e-commerce website. People can then discover your store quickly. You are just a click away. By using eye-catching photos and videos you can inspire them to purchase your product or service from your store. Be sure to tell your brand story and be innovative every chance you get.

Social Media makes customer service easier

People feel comfortable to share their interests and desires online. With social media you are able to listen to your customers and respond to them instantly. You can also answer pre-sale inquiries and offer post-sale support. Facebook also allows people to review your service or product which can give others a more detailed insight into your offerings.

Social Media keeps you top-of-mind

In 2015, it was estimated that there were 1 million Jamaican active users of Facebook, ages 13-65+. By growing your social media presence you can reach potential customers and bring awareness to your product or service through interaction, helping you to stay top-of-mind.

Social Media advertising allows you to be targeted

Are you having a discount or special for an upcoming holiday? Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to advertise and reach the customers you want by location, interests or age group. But don’t forget to reinforce your message on your e-commerce website.

Social Media extends the brand story and offers value added content

Social media over time can become and extension of your e-commerce website, offering value added content such as blog posts and videos that inspire your target audience and gets them talking about your product or service.

Use Social Media influencers to drive traffic to your website

Another great way to drive traffic to your store is by using social media influencers. Social media influencers are people with a large following on social media. They can be bloggers, celebrities or thought leaders in a particular industry. This is a powerful way to promote your brand. Social media influencers can advocate for your brand and share their positive experiences with using your product or service.