Chrysalis Communications Launches Website for Wilmot Hogarth & Co. Law Firm

wh&co blog post

To commemorate the fifth (5th) anniversary of the firm, Wilmot Hogarth & Co launched their new website – designed by us at Chrysalis! We had a really great time redesigning this website and we’re happy our clients love it as much as we do.


Wilmot Hogarth & Co. is a boutique corporate law firm with offices in Kingston, Jamaica. Their practice areas include Corporate & Commercial, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Employment, Intellectual Property and Trusts and Pensions. With a business model focusing on fostering personal one-on-one attorney-client relationships, they needed a redesigned website that demonstrated their experience and sophistication.

Of course, one of our main priorities was creating a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website. We also made sure it was very user-friendly with clear navigation and a simple, yet powerful colour scheme based on their logo. Additionally, we added a few special touches to make the WH&CO. website stand-out. Along with the subtle effects in the banner images that capture your attention, we added a special pop-up effect to the Our People page to give well-deserved attention to the biographies of partners Debbie Wilmot and Matthew Hogarth.


Overall, we had a great time working with Wilmot Hogarth & Co. and are truly honoured that they partnered with us to make such a huge step. In an official announcement to their clients, they stated:
“It is with great pride that we launch our new website, which we believe appropriately represents the capabilities, spirit and culture of our firm.”
See the website in action at

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