Before and After: PMH Law Website Gets a Highly Visual, Responsive Makeover [CASE STUDY]

We redeveloped and launched the Patterson Mair Hamilton website a few weeks ago, and we are really excited to show you the new site!

chrysalis_PMH BLOG POST copy

Patterson Mair Hamilton (PMH) is a full-service law firm with a wide range of capabilities providing considerable corporate and commercial law expertise and experience to their clients. Their areas of expertise include Corporate Restructuring, Finance, Employment and Industrial Relations, and Estate Planning. They recently moved the beautiful offices at Temple Court, 85 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica – and thought they needed a new digital look to match their décor. (You will notice many of the images on the website are photos of the office.)

PMH is one of our most loyal clients – they’ve been with us since they were formed. We initially developed their website in 2006, and we also provide them with ongoing email and website hosting services. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase the changes we made in their website, based on advancements in website design and development. But instead of writing about it, we’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…

Here’s the new homepage of PMH’s website. It features a prominent banner menu at the top, with full background rotating images.


Of course, with persons viewing website on various devices, we’ve made the entire site fully responsive. Here is what it would look like on a mobile device:

pmh mobile

And this is what the homepage looked like back in 2006:

PMH Home

As you can see, we went pretty minimalist in the redesign, minimizing the Practice Areas to a submenu and creating a more visual focus.

Now here is a look at one of the Practice Area subpages on the new site:


And, in comparison, the same page back then:


Even back then, we were sure to keep the same visual theme across all pages, but now we have removed any potential distractions, to capture attention with one prominent image and make it highly focused on the main content.

We have also created websites for other law firms, including Livingston, Alexander & Levy and Wilmot Hogarth & Co. If you’d like to see more of the websites we’ve done, check out our portfolio. When you’re ready to talk to us about getting your own site modernized, give us a shout!

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