GO Brand Development [Case Study]

What do you do when your product is distributed island wide, being seen by thousands of people daily, but no one knows who you are? Here’s what we did for our latest graphic design client that came to us with this problem. chrysalis_GO banner  

The Situation

Transactions E-PINS (TEPL) has machines in almost every gas station, supermarket and pharmacy islandwide – but you’d never know that. Their machines are the ones used for electronic mobile phone top up in Jamaica, selling Digicel and LIME airtime, but are understated and indistinguishable from any of the other machines in the stores.

  With Jamaica’s cell phone saturation rate being over 100%, the majority of those being prepaid, many persons are exposed to these machines daily, TEPL had a prime branding opportunity. So they came to us for help.

Let’s GO!

Once the ‘GO’ name was confirmed, it was time to get to work. Branding the machines was just the appetizer – our clients wanted us to put together a whole feast. Unsure of what branding opportunities were available, they gave us free rein to put together a package that would allow their brand to become a well-recognized name.

go-terminalInitially, Richard, our main designer working on this project, started out with the logo in different styles and colours. Once he showed the mockups to the client, the decision was almost unanimous – the blue and green logo was the one that stood out the most, and we agreed. Logo and branding guidelines approved, it was time to get to work on the mockups!

As mentioned earlier, we had very little limitations on the types of branding items we could work with. We designed several items including posters, window stickers and bus stop sign boards. Eventually we decided to use the items that could be used at the main locations that already had TEPL GO terminals, i.e. gas stations, supermarkets and pharmacies. Here’s the final list of our deliverables:
  • Design of Logogo1
  • Development of Logo Usage Guideline Document
  • Design of Posters
  • Design of Metal Flanges
  • Design of Window Stickers (Push/Pull)
  • Design of Window Stickers (Rectangle)
  • Design of POS Terminal Stickers (Wrap)
  • Design of POS Terminal Stickers (Top and Side)

Client’s Response

Overall, the clients loved the work we did. They thought we executed their vision well and couldn’t wait to roll it out to the Jamaican market. Here’s what they had to say:

go-available “Chrysalis Communications provided a final design in keeping with the vision outlined by TEPL for the GO Brand. We are confident that the visual elements serve to highlight the multiple strengths of the brand as well as inspiring a call to action from the Jamaican marketplace.”

Are people being exposed to your products every day but have no idea that your business exists? You could benefit from a branding development package like the one we did for TEPL. Send us a message to get more information on how we can help you develop the right brand identity.