Designspeak: Web Design Terms You Need to Know


When you listen to a group of designers having a work conversation, we might as well be speaking a foreign language. What’s this obsession with flat and responsive design? Which is the SVG version of your logo? And why on earth does a website need a wireframe?

In a post last month, we promised to share with you some of the top ‘designspeak’ terms we use and what they mean. Luckily, we found this brilliant infographic from our web design colleagues at red in the UK that does just that.

Take a look and and commit these to memory, so when it’s time to redesign your website, you can fit in with the pros (or at least not be completely lost).

Designspeak: Website Design Terms You Should Know

If you want a more in-depth explanation of these terms, feel free to check out the full list at HubSpot.