Chrysalis Communications Launches Big, Fat, Greek Website

Chrysalis Launches Website for Opa! Chrysalis Communications is proud to announce the launch of the website for Opa! Greek Restaurant and Chill Lounge. The Greek term “Opa” is a pronouncement of celebration – the celebration of life itself. That’s exactly what you’ll experience with each visit to Kingston’s only authentic Greek restaurant, Opa! Located at 75 Hope Road, Opa! has become a favourite amongst discerning foodies since its opening in November 2013. The menu features authentic Greek favourites such as Kotsi – a slow-baked lamb shank that has been marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and garlic – and Kourabies, a tasty Greek dessert. Chrysalis Communications Launches Website for Opa! Besides the renowned cuisine, visitors to Opa! also enjoy breaking plates – the Greek way of celebrating and marking special occasions. Owner Alexx Antaeus will demonstrate the correct way to break the plate. Be sure to shout “Opa!” as the plate hits the floor. The website marks an important milestone for the Greek eatery. Though active on social media, restaurant owner, Alexx Antaeus, has been hoping to launch a website for quite some time. In addition to its attractive and easy to navigate interface, the website will also feature a newly designed menu, to allow visitors to scope out their eating options prior to visiting the restaurant. The menu was also designed by Chrysalis Communications. Visit Opa! online at Chrysalis Communications Launches Website for Opa!