Business Computing Weekly Interview with our CEO, Chris Mills [PODCAST]

Bruce Naylor Banner Our CEO, Chris Mills was interviewed on the popular Business Computing Weekly podcast, where he talked about his journey in the graphic and web design industry. The host, Bruce Naylor, has over 25 years’ experience in business and technology, and currently runs his own IT company, Frugal Brothers. However, he may be most known for his successful YouTube channel, FrugalTech, where he provides reviews, opinions and advice on technology. The podcast isn’t currently available on the Frugal Brothers website, but we snagged a copy to share with you! Take a listen: Note: To view or share this directly from SoundCloud, go here. Discussed in the podcast:
  • How Chris started Chrysalis Communications as a graphic design business in 2001 in his parents’ house
  • How passion for the arts in school was handled by those around him
  • How he snagged his first web design client against some big competitors when he had no prior experience
  • Biggest business mistake he has made and how he’s overcome them
  • Winning the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award
  • The most common mistake businesses make with their website, and how to fix it
  • His favorite social media channel, business tools and the number one piece of technology he simply can’t live without
  • His best advice to entrepreneurs and the top business book he thinks all entrepreneurs should read
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