As we move ever closer towards the festive season and the end of the curious year that is 2016, we take the time to reflect on our accomplishments for the period. It has been a remarkable year and we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the awesome projects we’ve worked on CEAC […]
We used to think design trends were just aesthetically pleasing. It’s nice to have them but it’s cool if you don’t. You’ll still get by. That’s no longer the case. While there are still many trends that are solely for viewing purposes, quite a few of the ones we’ve seen in the past couple years […]
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We previously shared Part 1 of the this post with some great tips on how to use your website to capitalize of the biggest shopping period each year. While those tips are most suited specifically to the holidays, the tips below focus on areas of your site that bring far more benefits than just during […]
7 Ways Blog II
The December holiday season is the biggest shopping period of the year, and it’s closely preceded by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, at the end of November, which are the biggest shopping days of the year. Even if persons don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, many of them still take advantage of the deals offered around […]
When you listen to a group of designers having a work conversation, we might as well be speaking a foreign language. What’s this obsession with flat and responsive design? Which is the SVG version of your logo? And why on earth does a website need a wireframe? In a post last month, we promised to […]
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You may have heard about Dubai Mall, otherwise known as ‘the largest mall in the world’. It has over 1,200 retail stores and 200 food outlets. And last year (2014), it got over 80,000,000 visitors. Yes…that’s 80 million. Let’s put that in perspective for a moment. Jamaica’s entire population is estimated at 2.8 million in […]
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“How much do you charge to build a website?” That’s usually one of the first questions we get asked when clients call. Short Answer: It depends. We know that’s not what you want to hear. You’re looking for a ballpark figure you can use to determine how much you need to save, or you need […]